Tuesday, May 1, 2012

145 Days to Go

On Sunday evening (April 29) I watched Spirit of the Marathon on RadX and it reminded me of how long I have been waiting to run another marathon - of all the aborted attempts and all the failures.

I need a win.

Was it fate that put me behind this truck on the way to work yesterday?

I couldn't get very excited about the Miles with the Giant marathon when it was a double half-marathon, but there is a new course this year that has no repeated loops in it.  It's exciting.

So I have hauled out good ol' Hal Higdon's best advice again, and I will give it another go.

Did my first 5K in the rain with the beagle tonight.  I saw two beautiful big deer between the bridge and the 4-way.  My back held up for the first 3 K and then it was tweaky and sore.  I need to take my meds before heading out to control the swelling.

Now, will I nail down day two tomorrow?

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