Sunday, May 6, 2012

16K Today

It was a perfect day for a long run.  I decided to just do it around the house - a great way to have lots of fluids and food ready on my pass bys.

My back was an issue for the entire run, so I took a few more breaks to stretch than I normally would.

I listened to my new favourite podcast - Marathon Training Academy - for much of the run, and I learned about the importance of grabbing carbs and protein right after your workout, to capitalize on building up your body's ability to store glycogen for future races.

First, though, a look at last night's amazing supermoon.  Unfortunately we have a lot of cloud tonight so I won't get another look.

The leaves are just starting to come out.  I hope that doesn't mean the black flies are going to follow!

The creek is still pretty high, even though we have had no rain for quite awhile.

And the stats for the day:

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