Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Tempo Intervals - Week 1

I did it.

I trained tonight.

It was a late night at work, but I put it together.

My plan was a 1 km warmup then a 6 km tempo run @ 6 min/km pace, then a 1 km cool down.

All went according to plan except I forgot that I have a back injury, and treating that right required a break after each tempo kilo.

So, all in all not bad for a midweek run.

I did the  8 km out and back down to the end of the Bass Lake Rd.  Not very exciting, but a few things to share.

This is just a shot of the cutest beagle in the world being his tired self first thing this morning.

Aren't my new trail running shoes just amazing?

Can you find the grouse?  Three of these out on the run tonight.

An supersized ant hill.

After that run, I wish someone would but pie and coffee in my mailbox.

The Stats:

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