Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Birthday Run

I did it.

One full hour of hitting the snooze button and arguing that I could run later today - knowing full well that never happens - then I got out of bed and hit the pavement.

I'm late for work, but work will always be there.

I made the mistake of leaving my iphone at home - a mistake because 300 m into my run I rounded the corner to see one of those giant full moons setting over Lake Superior.  The reds, pinks and purples in that moon were such a gift for a birthday girl.  I ran home to get the camera knowing full well I would be too late.  Those moons are beautiful but fleeting.  Best to stay and watch it set below the lake than to run away and hope to capture that beauty.

However, I did get the iphone and I won't make that mistake again.

My run was only 4K, but I did a section on cobbles (not smart) and a run up to the lookout (beautiful) as well as some wicked tempo, so I won't look at this as failure.

No run is a failure.

Early morning in Terrace Bay, Ontario, Canada.

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