Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Resolution Run!

I was disappointed with myself yesterday when I went online to check out when today's resolution run would be held in TBay, only to discover that it was happening in 5 minutes!  In Thunder Bay, resolution runs are on Dec. 31!

So, today I did my own run.  I have some lofty goals for 2013, including finally running a few marathons, so this was day 1 of my 18-week training plan.

It was quite cold out today.  I waited until the mercury hit a high of -12C, but it felt much colder than that, even though there was very little wind.  I was very happy to have my wool buff, a present to myself for Christmas, since I bought them for all the other members of my family and I couldn't stand to be the only one without one!

I was also trying out my new watch, a present from my husband for Christmas.  I didn't know that it didn't have a heart rate monitor until I was out with it, but I am impressed with how very quickly it picks up satellites, a huge improvement over my last garmin!

It was very icy running today.  I needed to do 5K, which is normally a run to the road and back, but in reality that is only 4.5K, so today I looped a bit, looking for that last half.  I overshot it a bit, but then I think it is better to do a bit of extra training than not enough.

It was a slow go.  Certainly after being out very late ringing in the new year last night (this morning), it would have been easy to skip that run.  So the win, I guess, is the fact I have it under my belt.

I am looking forward to being back in shape and being happy with my running again.  It has been awhile.

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