Sunday, January 6, 2013

Saturday "long ski" at Kamview

With no snow in Thunder Bay, we struck out for an adventure at Kakabeka Falls.  Along the way, a call to the new snow phone told us that the lower part of Kakabeka was not skiable, so only 4.5 km was available.  It wasn't going to be a lot of fun skiing 2.5 hours around a 4.5 km loop, so we sucked it up and went to Kamview where the word was that there was a bit of trail mending going on.

I stayed away from Aspen where there was so much grass and stuff from the trees on Thursday.  Other than that it was a pretty good ski.  The upper part of Jack Rabbit was skiable, and a bit of Lookout was available, but the downhills were so icy and ridged they were almost dangerous.  It was a bit sketchy so I only did it once.

I really enjoyed a slow ski.  Beaver was in excellent shape so I did it a few times.  Jackrabbit was all but abandoned so that was good too.  Northern Lights was pretty much done after all the people on it on Saturday, and it was a bit crowded, so even though I love it I only did it three times.

I have no idea how to train for a ski race.  Hopefully I am on the right track! (ouch)

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