Thursday, January 3, 2013

Week 1 Run 2 8 km

This week I am simply trying to remind my body that it is a runner.   It's about putting in the mileage, getting back into the habit, getting the equipment and routine down.

It is challenging!  The roads are icy and we are in a bit of a cold snap - though -14C isn't all that cold for Thunder Bay.

Today my body didn't really want to run, but I looked at it as time to listen to some podcasts.  I am working on an essay on student health and change initiatives around this topic, so there were some ASCD podcasts that were relevant.

The little snowflakes were quite beautiful on my mittens.  We need snow really badly, so I have no complaints.  Photographing them with an iphone on a shaky arm was a bit challenging.  This is actually the only one I managed to get focused.

Once I got to the end of the road, I was making the only footprints in the new snow (except, of course, for a few fox and wolf tracks).

It was cold enough to freeze my gatorade!

The snowflakes kept sticking to my eyelids!

I love being outside.  I could never be a gym rat!

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